Dogtales Adoption Sunday – Every Sunday 11-5pm

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 10.22.00 AMDogtales Adoption Sunday – Every Sunday 11-5 pm

Dog Tales is a world-renowned dog rescue and horse sanctuary set on an incredible 50 acres of green fields, rolling hills, and wooded areas in King City, Ontario. Our picturesque location – complete with kilometers of walking trails, therapy pools, and a grooming spa – is the perfect setting for abused and neglected animals to heal and be rehabilitated while they wait for forever homes. Along with medical care, our team provides all of the love, attention and training that our rescues need to recover from their difficult pasts, so that they can move on to permanent, loving homes, which most do. For the rest, Dog Tales is home for as long as they need it to be.’


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Primrose Donkey Sanctuary Open Thursdays and Sunday 1-4 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-14 at 9.13.28 AMPrimrose Donkey Sanctuary

Primrose Donkey Sanctuary is open every Thurs. and Sun. 1-4 PM

 ‘We are dedicated to the rescue, protection, and rehabilitation of abused, neglected, and unwanted donkeys. We serve as an information ‘hoofway’ to educate the public; the donkey is not stubborn, dumb or vicious; but a stoic, loyal and very intelligent animal, who will risk its life to protect its charges, including humans.

On a day to day basis we are always educating the public on the care and feeding of donkeys and mules. Either by email, telephone or when visitor come to the farm.

During our open house days, Thursdays and Sundays, visitors can have personal, hands-on interaction with the donkeys and mules, learn about their history and rehabilitation progress.

The Sanctuary is open year round on Thursdays and Sundays from 1:00 – 4:00 pm. There is no admission fee but donations are gratefully accepted.

We are a registered Canadian charity and rely entirely on donations to support our Sanctuary.

GPS’s don’t work well with our address.

Hwy 401 exit is 474.  Drive north on hwy 45, turn left onto County Rd. 9. drive about 1 km and turn left onto Bowmanton Rd.’

1296 Bowmanton Rd.
RR 4
Roseneath ON K0K 2X0 Canada

Hours of operation:

Open for visitors Thursdays and Sundays 1-4pm.





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Speaking Of Dogs Fundraiser

Speaking of Dogs is an AMAZING group in the GTA. They have a big fundraiser coming up in March in the Beaches. Woof Woof

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 10.03.41 AM

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Adopting a Dog

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 5.47.15 PMAdopting a Dog

I chat with fellow comedian, Calgary’s Lori Ferguson about moving on from the sadness of losing a pet to adopting a pet that needs you now. Meet Hershel- found in a Calgary dumpster with two of his siblings. What is the matter with people???
Thanks to the amazing group, Hershel was found and has now been adopted by Lori.
Lori talks about losing her doggie before Hershel and how hard it is to move on but her message to folks who are sad- there is an animal out there that needs YOU. Everybody takes their own time but when the time is right, you will know!

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Coping With Pet Loss

max 2We have all been there. It’s brutal. Losing a pet :(
I chat with tough guy comedian Lenny Corrado (Come on-his Twitter handle is LennyTheButcher) about the recent loss of his dog, Max.
When I saw Max’s pics on Facebook, I had to call Lenny because so many pet owners go through these exact feelings.
It’s different for everyone. I appreciate the fact that Lenny took the time to share his story with
There are many amazing groups out there with animals that need forever homes.
Also, if you would like to foster a pet, there’s a wonderful group that Dogstarz is proud to be associated with. Please check out
Woof Woof. RIP Max.

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4th Annual Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer

4th Annual Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer

Hi folks, I’m Barnie. Come join my friends and I  as we participate in the 4th Annual Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer Sat September 26th at KEW Gardens. Registration is at 1030 am and the walk is at noon. There will also be a silent auction. For more details go to

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Hire a Dogstarz Comedy Fundraising Gala! Woof Woof

Hire a Dogstarz Comedy Fundraising Gala! Woof Woof

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Dogstarz says ‘thank you’ for taking an animal home!

Dogstarz says ‘thank you’ for taking an animal home!

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Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.01.41 AMSmiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer

Saturday Sept 26th 2015 at QEW Gardens. These volunteers are  amazing and every penny raised goes towards fighting canine cancer ( which effects 1 in 4 doggies).

See you there! For more information, click here.

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Dogstarz- What time are thieves most likely to break into your house?

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.37.26 PMDogstarz- What time are thieves most likely to break into your house?

Ronn Stevenson from the Toronto Beach Dog Association tells us the time that thieves are most likely to break into your home.
As a result, Toronto Police are spearheading a program called Paws for the Cause- educating dog walkers to be on the alert.
If you would like more information about this program, please contact Officer Gomez at 416 808-4220 or go to Toronto Beach Dog Association.

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Dogtales- A dog and horse sanctuary north of Toronto ( King City)

Dogtales- A dog and horse sanctuary north of Toronto ( King City)

Dogtales is a dog and horse sanctuary located in King City- just north of Toronto. They pick up neglected and homeless dogs from Canada, The US, Israel, Greece and so many places in between. Their facility is amazing. Danielle and her husband work to find these animals 4ever homes. Please feel free to visit on Sundays or go to for more info. Dogtales is located at 1405 19th Sideroad, King City. phone 905-713-1887 email

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Speaking of Dogs Newsletter

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.17.47 PMSpeaking of Dogs newsletter

I chat with Lorraine Houston from Speaking of Dogs about their monthly newsletter that was nominated for the top doggie newsletter in North America. We talk about folks who are still leaving their dog in a hot car and on a happy note, we talk about Speakingofdogs’ dog-of-the month- Astrid!

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Cecil the Lion – How Social Media is giving a voice to the voiceless

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 12.41.33 PMCecil the Lion – How social media is giving a voice to the voiceless.

I chat with Lorraine Houston from Speaking of Dogs about how social media has become such an important tool in mobilizing others when it comes to helping animals in need. The backlash against Seaworld and the dentist who illegally killed Cecil The Lion in Zimbabwe are two recent examples. Whether it’s an abandoned dog in Toronto or an endangered animal in Africa, normal people have a lot of power with likes, shares, petitions, crowdfunding, etc. is an amazing example of this.


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Speaking of Dogs Fundraising Gala


Judy Croon has joined the Speaking of Dogs Fundraising Gala on March 7, 2015.  Click the banner to get tickets and listen what Judy had to say about it during an interview.

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A Very Bazaar Canine Christmas


‘A Very Bazaar Canine Christmas’ at Oscar & Mollie’s for Smiling Blue Skies Walk to End Canine Cancer  as a HUGE hit. Thanks to everyone who contributed, participated and attended. HO HO WOOF! Merry Christmas!


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Halloween Contest on Dogstarz


Calling all furry friends to enter our first Dogstarz Halloween Contest!
Dogstarz is looking for fun, spooky and creative costumes.
Contest ends on Halloween Eve, at the Strike of Midnight.
Witches and Goblins- show us your best.
Barnie, Judy and the Dogstarz Crew will determine best costume.
Post your pics and videos on our Dogstarz FB page and we’ll make you part of our very own Dogstarz Monster Mash.
Prizing includes 100 dollars, an official Dogstarz leash and collar and *Pet Passport (approx value $25 US)
Contest open to Canadian residents only.



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Dogstarz Comedy Fundraising Gala

‘Thank you Suzi Marks, Martha Chaves, Evan Carter, Sylvia, Smashing Pictures, Fox Theatre, all of our amazing Beaches sponsors and of course, YOU for attending our very first Dogstarz Fundraising Gala for THS.
Woof Woof’

Dogstarz says ‘thank you’ to all the Toronto animal rescue groups and organizations

‘GONE WORLD – 52% of global wildlife is gone in the past 40 years. #MarchAgainstExtinction’


‘Happy’ Dogs and Cats in Australia’


The DogStarz team is thrilled to share the first photo taken of Sailor Kitty in his new home! He instantly bonded with his new caregivers Karin & Adrian, who have affectionately named him Oskar. A fitting name, considering how much affection he ‘awards’ to all those that care for him. Special thanks to: the foster care given by Kirk and the St James Town Sailing Club; the Dogstarz volunteers who took care of his checkup, vaccinations, and transport; and to everyone that helped us to spread the word.

This success story is a great example of the power we have when we work together, to make a real difference.

Dogstarz Gala Poster


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Finding Forever Homes for Pets


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Grimm logo 2014

neo logo



Bagels on Fire
Boardwalk Beauty Spa
Diamond Nails
Diggin The Dog Grooming Studio
Ed’s Real Scoop
Fab Finds
Four Paws Wellness
Green Basil
Green Eggplant
Go SUP Yourself
Grimm Inc
Gull & Firkin
Neo-paws International
Jente Salon and Skin Therapy
Juice & Java
KISS 92.5
Life is Sweet
Midoco Art and Office Supplies
Neo-paws International
Oscar and Mollie Inc
Parlour Salon
Paws in the Bath
Pippins Tea Company
Planet Dog
Dayle Rakowsky
Suds Atorium
Tails My Pet Store in the Beach
Tanning Escape
The Beacher Cafe
The Boardwalk Beauty Spa
The Body Shop
The Dog Market
The Wholesome Market
Tori’s Bakeshop
Whiskey and Spice
Wood Firepit and Tap