From Dianne to Shy-Anne to Quila

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Rescuing a dog is probably the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It’s one thing to see a dog grow from puppy to adult but it’s another to see a dog come out of his/her shell.  My former girlfriend and I had 2 dogs – a mini Schnauzer and a short- haired Chihuahua. Then we saw an ad in the newspaper about a shelter. They had a longhaired Chihuahua up for adoption. When we got there, we found out that she had been in a puppy mill. She was very skittish around men-which sucked for me. Anyway, I knew I couldn’t leave that place without helping.
We adopted her. She smelled pretty bad so we gave her a good wash and a pedicure. Unfortunately, she was still very skittish. The name she came with was Diane so we changed it to Shy- Anne.

The first day that I tried to take my three dogs out for a walk, Shy-Anne didn’t want anything to do with me. She ran and ran around the house. The amazing thing was that it was my mini schnauzer that got her to calm down.  She just barked at her. If I could interpret dog language it would probably be something like this, ” Stop freaking out, this guy is cool. He gives you food, plays with you and takes you for walks! Calm the hell down.”

She eventually did calm down. I got a leash on her and took her for her first walk. To see her actually be a dog made me realize that we had done a great thing. Unfortunately, she never really got over her fear of men. She’s even still skittish with me – which hurts. However, the fact that I know she is in a better place overrides that.

On her first walk, she was all over the place. It was great but because of that energy, we decided to change her name from Shy- Anne to Quila. When she walks- it looks like she is on Tequila.  Adopt a dog – not only will it change their life it will change yours!!!
Chris Quigley

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