Dogstarz Comedy Fundraising Gala

‘Thank you Suzi Marks, Martha Chaves, Evan Carter, Sylvia, Smashing Pictures, Fox Theatre, all of our amazing Beaches sponsors and of course, YOU for attending our very first Dogstarz Fundraising Gala for THS.
Woof Woof’

Dogstarz says ‘thank you’ to all the Toronto animal rescue groups and organizations

‘GONE WORLD – 52% of global wildlife is gone in the past 40 years. #MarchAgainstExtinction’


‘Happy’ Dogs and Cats in Australia’


The DogStarz team is thrilled to share the first photo taken of Sailor Kitty in his new home! He instantly bonded with his new caregivers Karin & Adrian, who have affectionately named him Oskar. A fitting name, considering how much affection he ‘awards’ to all those that care for him. Special thanks to: the foster care given by Kirk and the St James Town Sailing Club; the Dogstarz volunteers who took care of his checkup, vaccinations, and transport; and to everyone that helped us to spread the word.

This success story is a great example of the power we have when we work together, to make a real difference.

Dogstarz Gala Poster


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