February 18th 2013 roughly 11pm, some schmuck lets a dog out of their car and leaves it at the back of a Walmart parking lot to fend for itself. They were “kind” enough to leave a blanket and a sealed package of hotdogs for the dog to get by.

I saw the dog as I was going to bed and assumed that someone was walking the dog and I just couldn’t see them.

 However, the next morning I noticed that the poor dog was still there, pacing the large snow banks in the parking lot behind our house. I called the OSPCA and Brampton animal control to report the abandoned dog. Both calls resulted in automated messages telling me to call the other. After leaving frustrated messages on each line, I went on with my day.

I periodically looked out the window to see if the dog had been picked up and each time, it was still there. I called  animal control again and left another message. Later that evening, still nothing had been done for this poor animal.

 By 8 o’clock in the evening, roughly 10 hours after I had first called animal control and nearly 24 hours after the dog was abandoned, my sister and father went to the parking lot with dog treats to try and coax the animal to safety. The poor dog was terrified and it took a lot of effort to get the animal to trust them enough to get it to come into their car.

Luckily for the dog, now called Stella, it has enjoyed the comfort of our home ever since.

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