Party Pet Trick

Coming Soon….Party Pet Trick

Your chance to win some awesome prizing including; leashes, collars and exclusive Dogstarz Pet Passports!

Here’s the Poop!

Does your pet have a PARTY Trick? Come on- every pet has that ONE thing they can do. Send us your 45 -55 sec. video here. We’ll post it on our site! Every week, we pick a winner. That winner get’s a Dogstarz exclusive ‘Party Pet Trick’ Pet Passport (say that five times fast!).

Doggy rules

  • You must own the videos.
  • All videos must be under 1 minute.
  • You give us permission to share your video on our sites and/or social media
  • You may only win once but you may enter up to 3 videos.
  • Upload the Video – Your Title – Party Pet Trick
  • Don’t forget to provide us the YouTube URL or web address to your video(s).
  • We need your name, email address,  dogs name and type of dog?
  • Does your dog have a story to set up the video (Give us some juicy details! Did you dog learn this by accident? Is your dog a Mensa member?How long and how many treats did you have to bribe him/ her with?)
  • Entries have to be from Canada or the US (48 continental states)
  • Must be over 18 or have a parent  or guardian permission to accept the prize.
  • Please click the contact us page and submit the information on form.
  • Please send us the following:
    • Your Name:
    • Your Email:
    • Your Location:
    • Pet’s Name, Type of Dog, and Info worth sharing:
    • YouTube URL or Web Address to Video.
    • Date of the Video
    • Any information about the video or story behind the video.

Okay, now what IS the Party Pet Trick ‘Pet Passport’, you ask???

Only the hottest swag in town! Check it out.

Pet Passport

Party Pet Trick

Want to make your next travel with your furry loved one a little easier?

Pet Passport is a must for the well-traveled family. Pet Passport allows for fast and easy border crossings (Not that you can’t get across the border without one but IT is nice and convenient to have all your information in one little booklet!) Exact same size as government issued passport- Pet Passport has a page for photo ID, medical stats and vaccines. Pet Passport is handy is not just for traveling but it allows you to keep your pets records in one small handy place. From Microchip ID to Distinct Markings, the Pet Passport is also personal insurance for proof of pet guardian/ ownership.

Have Pet…will travel! Bon Voyage!

Approximate retail value is $25.00 US- this is if you can find one!
Pet Passports are sold through select distributors in the UK, most, if not all, are sold directly within Dog Show Industry!

DogStarz believes every dog is show worthy!